Irish Language - Entry Form 2014

Irish Language Ireland eGovernment Award 2014
  • Important notice: You are advised to answer all sections. You are also advised to provide documentation such as screen grabs, flowcharts to illustrate interaction and other visual material to support your entry. This is particularly true where the judges cannot directly access your services online in order to review your project effectively.
  • Are you are willing to allow us share details of your project as part of our promotions for the awards?*
  • Name of organisation or body:*
  • Department within organisation:*
  • Project sponsor, leader and/or manager(s):*
  • Name and job title of the person who would accept the award in the event of winning:*
  • Contact name and title (for all queries in relation to the submission):*
  • Email*can't leave this empty
  • Phone Number:*
  • Address:*
  • Date submitted:*
  • Name or title of the project:*
  • Timeline:*(launch of project and completion date or completion of phase referred to in entry)
  • The URL for your entry:*(include passwords if required to gain access to key areas of the online service or content)
  • Part B - 7 Questions
  • Important notice:

    Where relevant when answering each section, include specific data and results. This might include details of improved usage levels for the Irish language online services or information (internal or external), website traffic stats, customer/user feedback (perhaps as the result of surveys or more anecdotal evidence) and any other information which illustrates the success or willingness of either internal or external users to utilise the Irish language version of the website.

    Please try to keep your answers succinct; between 250 and 500 words per section.

    The judges may award points for the overall submission, even if it falls outside the set criteria.

  • 1 - Please describe the project (which can be a relatively small project or a larger project). Include a budget estimate (you can indicate the overall budget or the budget in relation to the work you have carried out in the last 12 months).*
  • 2 - Please indicate the steps you have taken to ensure the Irish language version of your online services are clearly visible and accessible to users.*
  • 3 - Please outline the specific steps, processes and safeguards you have taken to ensure the highest quality Irish language content is available online. Please include specific detail and relevant data.*
  • 4 - Please outline how the navigation and design accommodate the Irish language. In particular focus on how this improves users’ ability to navigate and use the online service provided.*
  • 5 - Please indicate if any of the following measures have been taken to support Irish language users (please tick)*select one or more
  • 6 - Outline any efficiencies that might have been achieved in implementing this project, whether in long term cost, time and/or resource savings.*Indicate how collaboration across multiple teams, organisations, agencies or departments may have assisted in this project to achieve a quicker result (and implementation) or to deliver a better service.
  • 7 - References and links:*The web address (other than those given in Part A) must be included here
  • Supporting Files*Screen grabs, flow charts etc Upload File1 file only, Zip multiple files before you upload. Max Size 8Mb

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