Promoting Ireland Overseas Entry Form – Ireland eGovernment Awards 2014

Promoting Ireland Overseas - Entry Form - Ireland eGovernment Award 2014
  • Important notice: You are advised to answer all sections. You are also advised to provide documentation such as screen grabs, flowcharts to illustrate interaction and other visual material to support your entry. This is particularly true where the judges cannot directly access your services online in order to review your project effectively.
  • PART A
  • Are you are willing to allow us share details of your project as part of our promotions for the awards?*
  • Name of organisation or body:*
  • Department within organisation:*
  • Project sponsors, leader and manager(s):*
  • Name and job title of the person who would accept the award in the event of winning:*
  • Contact name and title:*
  • Email*can't leave this empty
  • Phone no:*
  • Date submitted:*
  • Name or title of the project(s):*
  • The URL(s) for your entry (include passwords if required for the judges to gain access to key areas of the online service or content).*
  • PART B - 5 Questions
  • 1 - Describe the project that promotes Ireland overseas or encourages investment in Ireland from overseas.*Outline how the use of the web and IT plays a role in this service or how it has improved an existing service.
  • 2 - Outline why the project was initiated. Entrants must state why the project was started and what issues or opportunities prompted the project.*Basic facts and any statistical information to hand should be included to allow the judges to understand the motive for launching the service.
  • 3 - Detail the results of the project. Include specific details or statistics that back up your achievements. Indicate any evidence of increased investment in Ireland and / or benefits to the Irish economy as a result of the project. Outline the specific cost and resource savings you have achieved as a result of the project. Show how collaboration across different agencies, teams or organisations might have contributed to the success of the project.*Demonstrate how the project, in its use of the web, IT and social networks, contributed to improved access to services or information. Clearly outline how the new service improved when compared to the previous methods used, if applicable. Please include specific detail and relevant data.
  • 4 - Please outline what steps you have taken to ensure your service is accessible and assists visitor ability to use the service.*Please be specific and include, for example, any accessibility measures or design decisions you have taken to support your answer. For example, if you provide information in a number of different languages please include details.
  • 5 - Comments*Please offer any other relevant remarks you feel the judges should consider
  • Supporting Files*Screen grabs, flow charts etc Upload File1 file only, Zip multiple files before you upload. Max Size 8Mb

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